Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Background Development

I'm currently developing a series for television, or even possibly the web. I plan on showing some more as the pilot develops.

Here are some of the background designs, along with some color tests.

The method I've been using lately for this kind of work is first sketching out the drawing with SketchbookPro. Then I block out the shades using the marker tool. There's no utilitarian reason for using the blue really, it just seems natural and looks nice.
After saving it out as a .psd, I take my drawing into Photoshop and adjust the hues of the main parts of the drawing to work out a color scheme. I'm not sure how I feel about the one above. The purple sky and yellow buildings feel off, and the perspective is a little too wonky (I only wanted a little wonkiness),but that's what concept drawings are for, right?

Here's the original concept. I made some subtle changes to help describe the environment better like switching the coffee station and the fridge so one isn't blocking the other.

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